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Who Are Kasey & Julius?

Artist Rendering of Julius Group

Julius is a collective of high light energy beings who have walked this earth in human form.  So they understand what it’s like to live in the 3rd dimensional realm, what we deal with here and what the limitations we have faced are about.  Their love for us and the wisdoms they share, assist us in becoming aware of these limitations which allows us the opportunity to choose to release them and raise our frequency to create the life we choose.

Kasey came here to this earthship aligned and prepared for her Channeling talents . At a very young age she began seeing and listening to “Angels, Guides, Masters” visit her in her room. As well as getting intuitive hits of information when she was a child in regards to what was coming in life and also being able to provide information for family members as well.

In her teen years friends were already asking her about things in their lives. She could see Ghosts and Apparitions, and her psychic abilities were starting to come online.

She began Channeling after her father’s passing to her mother and brother. Giving them insight and information from him.  This continued on, and with the passing of a couple more dear friends and family members, Kasey was truly coming into her Channeling and Mediumship gifts.

Information seemed to flow through her easily and as the perfect timing for Julius was approaching, Kasey’s life was unfolding energetically for her to be able to handle their energy.

In 2008 the process began to unfold.  Julius began to come thru in such powerful ways. Kasey began to share her Channeling talents to live audiences, television programming, telesummits, and online courses and classes.

As the years have passed Kasey has been able to grow and adjust to their powerful energies and now there seems to be such a seamless transition into their wisdom that sometimes it appears that you cannot tell the difference between when Kasey is speaking and Julius is using her as a conduit.

Kasey has come to realize what a powerful connection and relationship she has with Julius. They have arrived once again in this timeline to assist her on her Ascension process and also, of course, to assist you on yours.

We know for sure that Julius is not new to Kasey. That they share a commitment to humanity and to all Sentient beings everywhere to know themselves as God or Source.  In this timeline there is a crucial plan that Humanity has set forth for themselves to solve the mystery of this amnesiac state. Julius answers your cries for Help and with the agreements and commitments of Julius and Kasey you are well assisted on your journey.


A message from Julius…

“It is our greatest Honor to be here with you Masters on your journey back to remembering who you are. We are in such Joy and Bliss to be walking with you on your pathway to being Source in any way you choose. WE are committed to honesty, truth, transparency, and integrity in assisting you. It is our promise to provide teachings and healings and energetic upgrades for you. With our collaboration together there is nothing that we cannot achieve.  The only question is are you ready?

It takes you being willing to reveal your deepests issues, break thru them with authenticity and commitment. There is no hiding or pretending to do it. There is no place for the Altered Ego, so you must be ready to work to release it. We truly love you and we are here for those committed to their own journey.  There will be pain, frustration, love, Joy, exhaustion, and energetic upgrades along the way.

Are you Ready and willing?

We know you are.

You are loved more than you could possibly understand and together with you we will assist you in your expansion.”


A bit more about them and us and you:

“Everything that humans have forgotten in their process… in their process of re-incarnating themselves, and re-incarnating themselves and getting overly distracted by everything that goes on around us, that has become our reality, that has become our ongoingness which completely detaches us from our soul, from our knowing of how empowered we are, and the results of all of that has been illness, war-ing, disease, disruption, extremely limited life spans in and by themselves to think that humans have chosen to have life spans that last less than a hundred years. After you hearing some of our dialogs with Julius you’ll understand how absolutely preposterous that is, once you understand how empowered you are as a being.”

– Kasey Jo

Julius is a group of multi-dimensional, high light, high energy beings.

Julius is a group [in the same way as there are many human beings, there are also many non human beings] of multi-dimensional [as they have experienced life as both physical and non-physical entities and in multiple dimensions and universes] , high light [as they have a super high level of consciousness] , high energy [as they are of a very high frequency, being more of sound and color rather than of the physical] beings [as they exist].

We hope that helps.

I owe you a lot Kasey, Brad and Julius. I am having an amazing journey of healing and self expansion since I've known you. I'm still working on it everyday. But I fully know it is never going to be the same. Your teachings have opened up a whole new world of existence I've never thought possible. Thank you so much for responding to my cry for help and desire to expand.
Blessings of Love and Light


Only in the last few years have I learned to listen to my soul. Which has given me the greatest joy and excitement I have known in this lifetime, even thought my life has been wonderful and had many awesome and beautiful moments. What if someone would have to told me to listen to my soul as a child? Wow! That could have been a game changer:)


Hi !
I want to say thank you beyond the beyond...
The two tools with the glandular pkg from john Burgos are spectacular.
The meditation with water and the pinoline sp? Exercise.
I just know from the core of my being.
It is like hitting the jackpot!
You...kasey-brad-Julius are a gift unto the world.
Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.....
lol not sure the world is quite ready for you but that's okay too isn't it?


Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed Kasey & Julius.
For me that was the clearest most profound teaching I have heard Julius make.
Your questions and those of the participants could not have been any better and so allowed Julius to bring forth such a monumental teaching.
I will be listening to this many times this weekend as I am allowing it deeper into my conscious and non conscious beingness.
Thank you so much for this show which by the way was a perfect length to listen to. Sometimes even though the information is there in longer shows one may not absorb it as well. So thank you for this too.
Looking forward to further shows and I am passing this one along to several of my friends.
Love and Light.


Hi Kasey (and Julius)! How blessed we are! Because of your courage, strength and wisdom, you are lighting the way for so many of us. I can’t even begin to thank you enough for bringing Julius forward and sharing all this insight, wisdom and knowledge. I can’t get enough and everything that is spoken of resonates so true and deeply within my soul. Thank you also, for not just sharing the information, but also “demonstrating” for the rest of us, how to utilize all these tools to grow, expand, transform, enlighten and awaken. You both are truly wonderful and since I have discovered you, my life has transformed and I continue to expand in great delight and joy as I discover my self beyond this illusion. As you may guess, I am a fan! Since I found you I think have purchased everything and then some. Back on February 8th I purchased the advanced healing package and LOVE IT! I have listened to it over and over and over and each time feel more peace, healing and joy.Peace, Love and many blessings!