The Philosophy of Julius

Julius is a collective of high light energy beings dedicated to empowering humanity through teachings and philosophies that YOU are God and that You are the creative force of your reality. The key division between a low consciousness state and a High consciousness state is judgement. By mastering the components of judgement, you change your life and your experience. Through our programming, retreats, online courses,and personal readings, Julius will guide and support you in eliminating all judgement, resistances and lack in your life. This high wisdom and practical guidance is being made available to aid you in your journey to becoming a fully enlightened being.

~Kasey and Brad

What Is Julius.Academy?

Julius.Academy is a membership site for intimate advanced consciousness training provided in audio, video and text format. The training is provided by Kasey, Brad & Julius (human and multi-dimensional beings) and is integrated with Expand With Julius. The membership also provides access to a community.

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What Is In The Membership?

There is a Free Starter Membership, an Academy Blue and an Academy Gold. With the latter two you get more intimate, advanced and unique audio & video training from Julius & Brad, meditations & discussions from Kasey, live questions & answers with Kasey, Brad & Julius, and discounts on Expand With Julius classes & readings.

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Who Are Julius, Kasey & Brad?

Julius is the name of a group of multi-dimensional high light, high energy beings whose teachings flow through the human conduits Kasey and Brad Wallis. After a major car accident, Brad met this group. They made an agreement that he would come back and teach.

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Want To Know More?

A broader perspective of Julius, Kasey & Brad and the teachings can be found on the Expand With Julius web site, however you can contact us from this site to find out more about Julius.Academy by emailing

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